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As of September 2009 I suddenly became deathly ill, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and had a quite unfavorable long term prognosis. But after two months of treatment, including two 10-day long sessions of chemotherapy, things suddenly took a turn for the better! On Tuesday, Nov 24 my blood counts were up for the first time, and then on that Friday, Nov 27 they actually moved strongly into the normal range for the first time since I became ill. A bone marrow biopsy taken on Monday Nov 30 yielded favorable results as well, with the consequence that my upcoming round of chemo scheduled to begin on Monday, Dec 7 was cut from 10 days to only 5! The result of all this is a dramatic improvement in my long term prognosis! Although there is no cure for my Leukemia, it now seems feasible (perhaps even likely) that it will evolve into a chronic (rather than acute) condition, requiring continued long term treatment, but quite possibly extending my lifespan by at least several years! Although this improved prognosis removes the former degree of urgency in the situation, as of this writing it is still my intention to try to keep this web site going after my inevitable passing, to ensure that what I (perhaps mistakenly) perceive as the wisdom of my writtings remains available to any who wish to avail themselves of them, especially my FREE on-line book Improve Fast In Go.

As of this latest update written just 8 days before my 83 rd bithday, a number of significant events have occurred which have, at least temporarily "roiled the waters" sufficiently that for a time it seemed that my entire world was about to fall apart! It all began when my 88 year old wife took a terrible fall off the stairs in our split level home, sustaining serious head, arm and leg injuries that landed her in the hospital. And if that wasn't bad enough, things seemed to get even worse for the next two months as she shuttled back and forth between rehab centers, hospitals and home, until finally coming back home again (this time hopefully to stay!) about 10 days ago. But now, at last, it seems that things are finally under control, and given my expertise in exercise, the regimen I have her on is finally beginning to bring her back to the fitness level she enjoyed before her fall. As for me, it appears that things are essentially unchanged so I continue to respond well to my monthly chemo, with no apparent side effects! How long this can continue is, of course, unknown, but at the moment the prognosis is good.

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